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$49.99/week!? You smoking rocks son

Don’t want fraud

Such programs are so unreliable that they use your contacts to give to others, and this is a violation of privacy I do not want


This is scamm the app crashes eachtime u search or try to change an option

Total Scam

Looks free, charges you $49.99 a week. Stay away. The positive reviews are a plants from the same people.


This app is spam trying to get $50 dollars from you whenever they please. Do not download.


What's this? A calculated attempt to defraud innocent people of hard earned money. Don't download please

5 star reviews are lies

You only get 3 days to try the app for “free” but you need to put your Apple ID to start the 3 day trial. Overall this app is a scam DO NOT DOWNLOAD!


Need to cancel-didnt even open app

To much money for 1 week

Okay why does it have to be 50 dollars to see a background check on someone who calls you? If made it maybe like 2.99 people would pay but 50???!??


It’s not freedom have to pay to use endess you have a 49 dollars a month then I wouldn’t bother to download this pointless app

It works

I use this to tape interviews. Sound quality is better than what I hear during the call. This product is an excellent value. The only drawback, as others have mentioned, is the time it takes to make the second call to start the recording. But people accept it if you say, "I need to put you on hold a moment while I start my recording software."

Works very well

No app can possibly identify every single phone number out there, but this app seems to work very well, especially in identifying other cell numbers. Great app.


I received several text messages from an unknown number and the person never said who they were, so I downloaded this App and it gave me the name of the person who was pranking me.

Works great!

We had a number keep calling and sending crude texts. This app helped me Figure out who it was so I could contact them and fix the problem!


Have had the occasional miss but you’re not charged if there’s not enough info. Decent app


Worth getting to determine sales calls etc. receiving free credits is a plus in order to search premium numbers!

Works well

Hands down the best recording app on the App Store market. Other recording apps are toys in comparison. Great for keeping track of customer service conversations, client calls, meetings, etc etc etc!


This is one of the best app in its category and you only need to try it to be convinced of the marvelous job this app can accomplish for you.


Awesome App someone's been calling me unknown for an year now harassing me and this app helped me identify who's be calling

It's works

Awesome, might be worth it for some people. If you're just curious, don't waste your money. I bought a few credits, and the app did what I wanted it to do.


Straight to the point! With the free credit I was able to get more info

Great app

I love the app. Easily accessible and saves me from so many annoying calls. Also used to snoop and make sure your date isn't a weirdo.

Gets the job done!!!!

I love it beat thing ever I've used that I don't have to pay a monthly fee just to look at a few pieces of info on the random numbers that call me :)

Good info

I have been trying to take this guy to court. And this app helped me get his info. Works great

Works like a charm

Definitely the best phone lookup app I could find. Basic reports tell the carrier of a number and the general location, but anything more than that costs "credits". You get a free credit for downloading the app, and two more free ones for reviewing. Overall, very satisfied with this app.

Does what it says

Very cool app and it works. I would never use he premium since I’m not that obsessed!

When it works it works great

Sometimes it doesn't find enough info on the number, which is usually due to it being a burner type number. They won't charge you for this. When it works it works great.

It works

Someone was calling me from a number I don’t recognize it gave the name of the person thank you guys


It's pretty good one of the better ones. I got it because of a creepy person texting my wife to find out who it was. It showed the owner of the phone and their phones info. Turns out it was a stalker from her old job


I was receiving calls that I didn't know( unwanted calls) so I downloaded this app and let me tell you this app is 'GREAT'. Found out and blocked the number, they're not pestering me no more.

Excellent app

Very good app easy to use Give you everything you need to know about

New app

This is a awesome app. I was tired of these annoying calls. Now I have put a stop to most of the calls. Thanks!

Great app

This. App is designed in such a manner that even the novice user can achieve their goal in mere minutes . It performs well and has quickly accessed the information I desired .

Get it you need it!

Probably one the best apps out. I like the premium searches because they give you pretty detailed info and it gives me a little peace of mind when random numbers call.

Be straightforward and easy to use

It’s great to know who called, like a scam or if you’re given a fake number


This is literally what I've been looking for thank you so much for this app!! It has helped me so many times when I either forget someone's number or someone I don't know either calls or texts me. Really well done app and you don't have to pay like online.

Very good app easy

this app is amazing, whenever people facetime me and idk who they are i can just use this and it like actually works and it's so easy

Does what it should!

Nothing disappointing. It works well and has been accurate so far. Give it a try!

Works good so far

The app seems to work pretty well for searches of numbers. Can also text from a number provided by another app from same designers

I found lots of info

It’s a trust worthy reliable app, hasn’t glitched at all and for free gives decent information

Lookup app

Great app, have been receiving a lot of spam calls, mortgage refi (we don’t have one), IRS BALONEY calls, u name it. Even got several “invalid” numbers. Love this app & so sick of all these calls!


Tried a couple numbers so far and gave generic "land line" or "mobile" and the location. Nothing special yet. Doing this review to try to get a free credit for a premium search. I'll let you know how it goes.


Tried 3 numbers who have called me recently that I didn't recognize and it gave me info that helped me realize it was spam calls and some random guy. I used one of the free credits for the guy that called me and it gave me back enough information to know that I don't know the guy so the app works great and it's very helpful. Great app.

It worked

But I didn’t realize you had to pay for each premium search.

Does the job.

Works fairly well. It shows me where it comes from and all the basic nessecities for free.

Great if you need answers.

I've only looked up one number but it seems to have worked when Google gave me wrong information. I am writing this review also so I can get 2 free credits but this is an honest review.

Great app

I’ve been able to get names I needed based off of some old phone numbers that I wasn’t sure were still the same. Love this app!!!!

What you're likely looking for

Works like it should!


I had to pay for the premium credit but it was worth it. I had to get to the bottom of this annoying number that kept calling me and this app helped!

Great App

This is a terrific app! Has helped me identify unwanted calls!

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